Reasons Why People Turn to Kirkland Health Institute

Kirkland Health Institute offers personalized care to all of our patients in Kirkland, WA and surrounding areas. We keep in mind their unique needs, medical history, diet, and lifestyle while we identify and apply the necessary techniques to help treat their long-term health conditions.

What Our Patients Say

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

“Several years ago I was suffering from chronic fatigue syndrome and “modern medicine” could not help me. After just 3 weeks with Doctor Taggart I felt 50% better and after 6 weeks I felt 100% better. I have continued with maintenance visits and at 65 am still very active.”

- Christine C.

It Works!

“I visited Lake Washington Chiropractic for a neck injury that kept me almost flat on the floor for days. Dr. Taggart was able to give me an instant adjustment that made me feel incredibly better. I am continuing regular adjustments at the LWC for a chronic low back pain and I have seen major improvements.”

- T S.

“I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia 30 years ago and suffered from moderate to severe pain, particularly in my legs at night, which affected my sleep and quality of life very negatively. It didn’t even occur to me to go to a chiropractor for fibromyalgia, but I developed some severe lower back pain which got my attention, and got me into Dr. Taggart’s office. In the three months of care I have received from Dr. Taggart, not only has the lower back pain gone away, but my fibromyalgia and hence my quality of life has improved at least 60 and NO pain medication. I have slept better and have lots of energy to spare.”

- Cheryl H.

“After 15 years of recurrent back pain, living with a diagnosed “bulging disc” , plenty of prescription drugs, and visits to physical therapists, I finally went to see Dr Taggart as a referral from a family friend. 3 months later not only has my lower not re-inflamed I have noticed returning strength in my hand grip, increase in ability in any physical endeavor and a marked improvement in digestive function. I certainly have experienced a shift in understanding of the many benefits of chiropractic care.”

- G.C. Kirkland

“After one month of seeing Dr Taggart I have had more improvement than in 10 years of seeing four other chiropractors. Dr Taggart’s methods and spinal rehab techniques have allowed me to already play golf and basketball with almost no pain or stiffness. His care is remarkable and finally I am able to find a chiropractor that can help me, I had actually become resigned to a life living with neck and back pain.”

- L.P. Bellevue

“I have been a long term patient of Dr Taggart’s and 5 years ago I decided I did need chiropractic care because my fibromyalgia symptoms had lessened and over all I felt great. Since stopping care I noticed that I started to have respiratory problems, every year, sometimes twice I would develop pneumonia, with one bout I was unable to work for 4 weeks. I decided to return for care and am happy to say that I have only had one cold in the last year despite being around small children every day in a daycare setting who frequently have illnesses. The one cold I did have didn’t turn into pneumonia! I thank Dr Taggart for all his help and helping improve my immune system.”

- C.S. Kirkland

“My daughter referred me to Dr Taggart. I was having problems getting my blood sugar stabilized with my diabetes and I also had a serious problem with a skin rash. Dr Taggart recommended I take some supplements to improve my immune system, not only did my rash go away but I have seen my blood sugar levels drop. I have also seen improvement in my back and shoulder problems.”

- T.A. Kirkland

“During the last few years I developed a condition called Benign Positional Vertigo. My bouts would go from an unpleasant felling in my head to total inability to walk for stand. My greatest fear is that these random attacks would occur while I was driving causing an accident. It would take weeks of physical therapy for the dizziness to gradually go away. During the summer 0f 2006 I started seeing Dr Taggart for a car accident. I thought my injuries were related to whiplash but shortly after my accident I started having the vertigo again. Fortunately, an unexpected surprise was waiting me that day when I went for my chiropractic appt, that day. I told Dr Taggart about my dizziness and he witnessed first hand as I lay down on his table the room began to spin. Dr Taggart did some light pressure cranial adjustments in different parts of my skull, much to my surprise the dizziness stopped immediately and has not returned. Dr Taggart did in 2 minutes what would take weeks of uncomfortable physical therapy to get any improvement.”

- A.T.

“I had been experiencing a continuous headache—it never went away. I’d also had neck and back pain off and on for about four months. Tylenol had quit working; I was feeling down, upset and depressed. My husband, who was already getting good results from Dr. Taggart, referred me to him at Lake Washington Chiropractic. I had tried chiropractic treatments before, but as I got better, I thought that was all I needed and quit. Eventually I got bad again—even worse! I began treatment with Dr. Taggart, six months ago, and now I don’t have headaches at all like I used to, or neck pain—just once in a while. I have more energy, my moods are much happier and I feel like doing more things because I feel better! I will continue to come because I don’t want to feel those headaches again. And I know, by continuing treatment, I will feel even better in another six months or so, which will continue to improve my life!”

- A.A. Kirkland

“I had experienced a shoulder injury and could not sleep, walk or do regular work for three days. I had also been in two previous car accidents, both with neck and back injuries. A friend referred me to Dr. Taggart at Lake Washington Chiropractic. Now I am able to sleep better and my weight has dropped! I am also able to work and do other activities without headaches and great pain. Dr. Taggart tells me I am losing weight because the chiropractic care has allowed me to be more active at home and at work; the chiropractic care is helping my body break down fat easier. I have always received exceptional care at this office, by doctor and staff!”

- J.A. Kirkland

“Last year I had herniated two discs in my lower back—very painful—was on my back for five weeks. I couldn’t sit and was in a ton of pain. I had seen Dr. Taggart previous to my back injury. I had always felt better after adjustments, prior to injury, but never visited on a very consistent basis. Since last year, I have been having chiropractic treatments with Dr. Taggart on a regular basis and have felt great! This has been amazing as I can’t remember a time when I wasn’t achy. If I’m feeling sick or drained, an adjustment always helps me. If I do get sick, I’m always better very quickly! Dr. Taggart has been awesome! I have felt great, and he has showed me great exercises for preventative care, too. He is flexible with my schedule, which is very helpful, and his staff is wonderful. Thanks!”

- T.D. Kirkland

“I’d had upper back pain for about a year, making it painful to turn and lie down. I had tried another chiropractor ten years ago, and did not notice any difference. Since I’ve been seeing Dr. Taggart, I am experiencing pain less often, and when it arises, I return for an appointment. In addition, my digestive problems have been helped by Dr. Taggart’s chiropractic treatments.”

- G.S.

“I had an exam from Dr. Taggart, at Curves Health Club, and found my neck was going in the wrong direction. Headaches were constant. I’d had plantar fascitis for a long time. Treatments with another chiropractor were good, but not long lasting. After chiropractic treatments with Dr. Taggart, my foot problems have become minor. Headaches are gone! Both sleeping and waking are more restful; I’m walking long distances again. I no longer feel locked up in my back and neck. I have enjoyed the care and improvement Dr. Taggart has given, and he explains and answers questions I have, even though they may seem “out there”.”

- L.S.

“I’d had diabetes II for four years. In addition, the allergies I’ve experiences since childhood were still a problem, sometimes causing my throat to be so hoarse I couldn’t talk—not a very good way to increase my clients! I wanted to improve my general sense of wellness, and came to Lake Washington Chiropractic. First, Dr. Taggart did a series of treatment adjustments…now moving into maintenance. Unexpectedly, I am able to breathe normally for the first time in years! Also, my overall sense of wellness is enhanced!”

- F.Z.

“After a car accident I had a lot of neck pain. I was feeling tired and stiff everyday. I didn’t feel motivated to do anything. My parents thought I was just being lazy. I couldn’t turn or bend my neck very well. I now have more energy and am healthier with this extra energy level. Chiropractic treatments with Dr. Taggart have also helped me discontinue the birth control pills I had used to regulate my period (which at one point went for three weeks, straight!) I have always felt welcomed and cared for by the people at Lake Washington Chiropractic.”

- C.S.

“I had uncreative colitis with stomach cramping, and chronic diarrhea. My whole life had to be planned around these symptoms. My doctor had prescribed medication to suppress my immune system, and I wanted an alternative to this. I started chiropractic with Dr. Taggart one and a half years ago. Since that time, the colitis seems to be in remission; I haven’t had any symptoms since I began treatment. The successful results of chiropractic care with Dr. Taggart have uplifted my spirits and given me hope that I can lead a normal life and not have to worry about the possibility of losing my colon. The application of Dr Taggart’s kinesiology has played a big part in my recovery.”

- D.S. Puyallup

“I developed a herniated disc in my neck last year; as a result I experienced neck pain, weakness in my arm and loss of grip strength. I began care with Dr. Taggart using a special distraction device used to help disc’s heal. I started to notice improvement within the first two weeks of care. I now no longer feel neck pain and my arm strength has returned 98%. If Dr. Taggart’s care hadn’t helped I would have had to undergo extensive surgery and possibly a fusion in my neck. It sure feels good to know there are alternatives to surgery.”

- C.L. Redmond

“After my first adjustment my vision became much more clear, it was like someone had turned on the lights!”

- S.H. Bellevue

“I have had a 10+ year history of headaches; they were debilitating and stopped me in my tracks. I was never without my bottle of Excedrin. Now, since I have been under Chiropractic care, my headaches are 95% gone. I am much more active now and can concentrate at work better. I won’t be choosing medications over Chiropractic care again. The medications I was taking never provided long term improvement and were probably damaging my body. My food sensitivities have also improved. I am thankful for Dr. Taggart’s approach to health.”

- E.H. Kirkland

“As a senior citizen I have noticed a lack of balance and a feeling of weakness when I stand and walk. I also had neck and shoulder pain, and low back pain, for many years. I have had chiropractic care before but it seemed to provide only temporary relief. Since I have begun care, here, I have become much stronger, have more stamina, and am more pain-free. I am able to enjoy walking more. I even was able to do some steep mountain hiking. I can now enjoy what I do much more. I would strongly recommend Lake Washington Chiropractic!”

- E.N. Kirkland

“My 18 month old son has tried every antibiotic under the sun. He has had at least one ear infection every month of his life (a total of 24 so far). I have spent hundreds of dollars on doctor’s visits and medications, and my son is still miserable most of the time. I was extremely stressed, and slowly going broke. After a few adjustments my son started to do better. In fact, since being under Chiropractic care, he has not had one ear infection. He is healthy and happy now. His primary doctor was very impressed with the changes and recommended that continue with chiropractic care. I used to think Chiropractic was for backaches—I have been proven wrong.”

- C.G. Kirkland