Frequently asked Questions (FAQ)

How do I know if Dr. Taggart’s program is right for me?

Your initial evaluation will determine if Dr. Taggart’s program is right for you. Not all patients are accepted into the program; only those patients based on examination and test results findings are accepted into the program.

Should I stop taking my medication?

Dr. Taggart will never tell you to stop taking your medication. Once your symptoms improve on the program you can consult with your medical doctor to reduce or eliminate your medication.

Are Dr. Taggart’s treatments safe and effective?

Yes, all the treatments are noninvasive and safe. We have had tremendous success with even the most difficult cases. Go to our Testimonials page to hear and read our patient’s stories.

I already go to a chiropractor, how is this different?

Dr. Taggart has specialized training to successfully address chronic, difficult to treat conditions. His training includes nutritional therapy, laboratory interpretation, Applied Kinesiology and Functional Neurology.

How much does the treatment cost?

Every patient that comes to the office has a thorough examination and appropriate laboratory testing. Based on the results, a specific individualized program is designed to address the cause. Since all the programs are individualized the costs vary. Dr. Taggart will go over your program with you and provide you with a written treatment plan and discuss all the fees.

How does my insurance contribute?

All insurance policies are different; Dr. Taggart’s office staff will perform an insurance verification of your specific coverage. We will advise you exactly how your coverage will contribute to the costs, as well as any limitations of coverage, before you start your program.