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Get Spine Checked

July 18, 2022

Why It's Important To Get Your Spine Checked Regularly

"If you would seek for health, look first to the spine." - Socrates

Do you take your spine for granted? As long as you can bend, twist, lift, or there isn't any pain, everything must be need to take the time to get it checked, right?


If you know anything about the spine, you know that it is the "backbone" (pun intended), of good health, and not something to be ignored. 

  • it protects your central nervous system, spinal cord and several internal organs
  • it enables you to be flexible and move
  • it sends necessary and important messages back and forth from the brain to the body

These are the top reasons to have your spine checked regularly....

  1. Don't be fooled by lack of symptoms - Your back could be out of alignment without you knowing it, It could happen gradually just in everyday activities such as poor posture, minor accidents or injuries, excess weight, lifting incorrectly or even sitting for long periods of time. Just because you don't feel anything doesn't mean it's not happening.
  2. When it happens, it can happen quickly - Once your spine is out of alignment, it can deteriorate in as little as 2 weeks. A back that is ignored, can become a major problem by doing something as minor as bending over to tie your shoes.
  3. It's never convenient - Like most things that become problems, they never happen at a convenient time. Keeping your spine in good health will pay off financially, physically and emotionally. Make your spine a priority, rather than the last thing on your list.
  4. Looking your best is a great reward - We've all seen the little old Grandma and Grandpa who are bent with years because of misalignment and a worn down spine. The same thing can happen to you before the years have crept up on you. You can keep a younger and more youthful appearance by taking care of your spine regularly.
  5. Feeling your best is an even better reward - Things happen, you can be exposed to something and become ill, it's a risk we all take. But there is no risk in taking good care of your spine. In fact, you are eliminating the risk of something going wrong without you knowing that it's's fair to say that taking good care of your spine will improve the quality of your life. A healthy spine offers you:
    • more energy
    • less stress
    • better sleep
    • better digestion
    • better performance levels
    • better concentration and memory and clearer thinking
  6. Don't you deserve to be as healthy as possible? - Don't wait until you're having extreme pain before you make spinal health a top priority with you.

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