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Hypoglycemia Low Blood Sugar

June 7, 2021

Is Hypoglycemia Preventing You From Solving Your Health Problems?

In order for your body to function properly, you need to get nutrients and a fuel source to your cells; this would be in the form of glucose or fat. The ideal level of blood sugar should be between 85 -100 on a fasting blood draw in the morning. If the blood sugar is 84 or below it is considered “functional Hypoglycemia” This is in contrast to the “standard glucose of 70 and 99 mg/dL. Unfortunately the standard range will miss many people who have symptoms that are related to low blood sugar. Because blood glucose levels are such an important factor in the body's ability to function, many body systems and symptoms can be experienced when the blood sugar levels are low. 

Clues that you might have Hypoglycemia...

Without having a blood test, there are some clues that can alert you that you might have this problem...

  • Crave sweets during the day
  • Irritable if meals are missed
  • Depend on coffee to keep going or get started
  • Get lightheaded if meals are missed
  • Eat to relieve fatigue or improve function
  • Easily become agitated and upset
  • Forgetful
  • Can’t stay asleep
  • Depression abd mood swings are common, because the brain utilizes a lot of glucose to function 

Low glucose can also affect hair loss and fertility. Hypoglycemics tend to be underweight and skip meals, then use sugar and stimulants to rebound their energy, and crash again 3-5 hours later 

Fortunately, there are things that can be done to restore your blood sugar balance...

  1. First and foremost, get tested
  2. Eat small protein based meals every few hours. Over time this will increase your blood sugar levels.
  3. Cut out sugar and stimulants
  4. Increase your fiber intake with a lot of veggies and only consume low glycemic fruit
  5. Follow these steps and seek out a health care professional who is trained in functional medicine to support the process.

I specialize in functional medicine, if you are experiencing chronic pain, or you're not happy with the health you're in...a comprehensive blood test could help identify your problems - Contact Me to schedule your Free consultation.

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