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Functional Medicine Power

March 22, 2021

The Power of Functional Medicine and How It Can Help You

The power of Functional Medicine is in the fact that it identifies the root causes of health issues and then addresses them in order to reverse is not a bandage intended to mask or cover up symptoms, but works with the natural processes of your body to improve your health. 

What are the principles of functional medicine?

FM's (Functional Medicine's) mission is to promote the well-being and good health of our patients through prevention and understanding, by using these principles to treat each person:

  • Everyone is genetically different, therefore each person needs to be treated differently.
  • Each disease or illness is also unique in how it affects each individual, so each illness needs to be defined by evidence. FM is person based medicine, so it's important to see how the individual and the disease interact with each other.
  • The body is designed to be self-healing. FM helps create an environment in which self-healing can take place.
  • There is more to good health than the lack of disease or illness. Good health also means we are in a good emotional state, eat well and healthy, have energy and vitality and are at a healthy weight.
  • The body can prevent signs of aging through lifestyle changes such as regular exercise, and a nutritious diet.

When can Functional Medicine help you?

There are times when you haven't gotten the answers you need from a conventional doctor, or the prescribed drugs have high risk or undesirable side affects, or if you would like to dig deeper into what is ailing you and get to the root cause of the health issue...those are good times to see a Functional Medicine doctor.

Some of the issues, and this certainly isn't all of them, that Functional Medicine treats well are:

  • Digestive issues - Symptoms include: gas, diarrhea and bloating, disorders can be IBS, ulcers, reflux, and diverticulosis
  • Issues with weight, high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease
  • Hormone issues - chronic fatigue, thyroid problems, fertility problems and menopause
  • Autoimmune and Inflammation issues - celiac disease, lupus, rheumatoid arthritis
  • Psychiatric and neurological issues - ADD, migraines, depression

Your treatment will be designed specifically for you to  eliminate the imbalances occurring in your body that are causing the problems you are experiencing. Once these issues have been eliminated and your body is once again in balance, a plan to keep it in balance will be developed to prevent the problem from happening again.

I specialize in functional medicine, if you are experiencing chronic pain, or you're not happy with the health you're in...a comprehensive blood test could help identify your problems - Contact Me to schedule your Free consultation.

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