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Don't Take Extra Calcium

June 29, 2020

Why Taking Extra Calcium and Taking Medication Will Not Strengthen Your Bones

What You Should Know...

The National Osteoporosis Foundation has estimated that approximately 54 million Americans have low bone mass or osteoporosis, and that one fourth of the men and one half of the women will break a bone because of it. Those are pretty high numbers. It's no wonder that people have a tendency to panic, and start trying to find a way to strengthen their bones, especially as they begin aging, are at a higher risk, and broken bones can be a more serious problem.

We've all heard that taking calcium will help strengthen our bones, so we rationalize that if the prescribed amount is good, then more must be better...there is nothing further from the truth.

Other drugs have been suggested to fight low bone mass, such as Fosamax, Actonel, Boniva and Evista. These drugs, along with extra calcium, may produce a temporary "fix", or improvement of your osteoporosis, but typically (and they don't tell you this), the improvement only lasts for a couple of years. So it appears you are making great strides, but in fact, the improvement will begin to dwindle or cease altogether.

Here's what you need to know about taking extra calcium...

First you should be aware that, just like the tissues in your body, bones break down on a daily basis and then repair themselves, this is the normal cycle of things, it's a process that leaves a natural bone buildup. But when you try to manipulate this process artificially by taking excess calcium, or some of the other drugs we've mentioned, you are left with an unnatural bone buildup or bone turnover that has long lasting negative side effects and could cause long lasting health problems...

Toxic, heavy metals can build up: 

The buildup of cadmium, caused by high doses of calcium, is a big concern. Cadmium is drawn to bone, where it will accumulate. It will also find its way to your kidneys, your lungs or your coronary heart vessels.

  • In the kidneys it can cause high blood pressure or kidney disease
  • In the blood vessels it can lead to cardiomyopathy or artery disease
  • In the lungs emphysema

When cadmium enters the bone, it begins to push out the zinc, which is essential not only for hundreds of enzymes in your body, but also for bone health and strength. As the zinc continues to leave the bone, more cadmium is able to enter...seems kind of counter productive to take extra calcium doesn't it? Extra calcium is also known to speed up the aging process, because it will harden or calcify the arteries leading to the heart and brain.

What can you do?

Consider your diet and your lifestyle...deficiency in calcium, proteins, or Vitamin D will impair bone mass, it's important that you increase these in your diet and use supplements, but not to the excess. It's also important to know that tobacco, excessive alcohol consumption and having a low BMI (being excessively skinny) have deleterious effects.

One of the smartest things you can do for your bone health is to remain physically active. Exercise is of the utmost importance and working out with weights is a premium way to have the best results.

To fight or treat osteoporosis, be sure your physician has been trained in nutritional biochemistry or functional medicine.

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