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Most Vulnerable

April 15, 2020

Who Are The Most Vulnerable To Infection - Are You?

Whether the world is experiencing a pandemic such as the one we're experiencing today, COVID-19, or whether it is a regular flu season, there are those who are considered the most vulnerable, the most at risk, to contract it and to suffer most with it, even die from it. Typically they are those who are more elderly (although sometimes it can be the younger ones), and those who already have chronic health conditions. Advanced age and underlying health conditions such as, diabetes, cancer or heart disease, weaken and stress a person's immune system, making it more difficult to avoid catching the infection or to to become well if they do become infected.

But there are others who are more vulnerable too...

  1. Those who live a sedentary lifestyle - We sit too much! Americans, on the average, sit approximately 11 hours daily, which contributes to many diseases that weaken our immune system, the same diseases that we spoke of that people with compromised health conditions suffer with, cancer, Type 2 Diabetes and Heart Disease.
  2. Those who have poor posture - Believe it or not, people who have poor posture are also considered vulnerable. Having poor posture puts stress and strain on your body, it
    1. Cramps your lungs and decreases their capacity
    2. Adds to fatigue
    3. Strains muscles that are trying to support your lungs
  3. Obesity - Obesity has a detrimental effect on the diseases we have already mentioned that make you more vulnerable, and it also affects your high blood pressure, liver disease, high cholesterol and sleep apnea. Additionally it suggests poor nutrition and lack of physical activity. All this leaves you at a higher risk of becoming infected with diseases such as COVID-19.
  4. Those who smoke - Smoking increases a person's risk of lung disease and cancer. But something you may not have realized is that it also compromises your immune system and contributes to autoimmune disorders which cause the body's immune system to attack its own healthy cells.
  5. Taking too many meds - Sometimes called Polypharmacy or taking too many drugs, whether they are prescribed or over the counter. This can cause immunosuppression, or the suppression of the immune system's function due to the fact that multiple drugs can alter your body's brain and/or blood chemistry.

So you can see, there are more people who are at risk or more vulnerable than you might think. In my next article, I'll talk about how to become less might save your life.

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