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Cope With Affects of Stress

June 5, 2019

How Does Stress Affect You and How Can You Cope With It?

The affects of stress on your body are numerous and everyone experiences them differently, and tries to cope with them differently, and some may not try at all - they just suffer through it.

Because stress is a reaction of your nervous system, you will experience the following symptoms:

  • increased heart rate
  • tense muscles
  • hair standing on edge

These symptoms are triggered in order to prepare your body for what your brain perceives as a pending emergency or crisis. The signals are sent over your spinal cord and through your entire nervous system which permeates through your entire body. If stress becomes chronic in your life, it can lead not only to real pain, but also illness and disease. 

Coping with stress...

People who deal with a lot of stress in their lives develop different methods of coping, such as;

  • Deep breathing
  • Exercise/get moving, whether it's a walk, a run, a half hour at the gym or any other physical activity 
  • Meditation
  • Develop and maintain a healthy lifestyle...eating a healthy diet, avoiding cigarettes, drugs and alcohol, reducing sugar and caffeine intake 
  • Better tme management...don't over commit, learn to say no, learn to delegate and learn to prioritize
  • Prioritize yourself...take time to relax have fun
  • Learn what the source of your stress is and if you can't eliminate it, at least minimize it

Subluxation, the silent stressor...

Vertebral Subluxation is a spinal injury, or misalignment that can affect your health on so many levels, because it interferes with the normal function of your nervous system. It can cause nerve damage, damaged organs and body weakness. The stress that a subluxation can cause your body can be painless and can go unnoticed or years. These subluxations can be caused by falls, sports injuries, childbirth and countless other traumas. The good news is that these stress causing subluxations can be removed, helping your nervous system to be in a healthier condition.

Chiropractic has been shown in research studies to lower blood pressure (1), reduce inflammation (2), boost immune function (3), decrease cortisol and help with anxiety (4)

A visit to your Chiropractor will locate the area of the subluxation and it can then be removed from your body. And though no one ever lives stress free, you will be able to have a better quality of life and live with less stress.

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