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July 4, 2012

How to Successfully Treat Fibromyalgia

If you’re like so many that suffer from fibromyalgia, you’re tired of declarations by doctors that you’re imagining your symptoms, or if they do believe you they prescribe medicines that have absolutely no effect.

So how can fibromyalgia be successfully and effectively treated?

Begin by recognizing that fibromyalgia requires neurological and metabolic procedures and testing.

Necessary Protocols:

Lab tests: If you want to know why you suffer from the symptoms you are experiencing, complete and thorough testing must be done, these are important tests, each one must be completed.

    • Begin by testing for sensitivities to food. If you don’t understand how the foods you eat are affecting you, you my continue to experience inflammations in your muscles, your gut and your brain. Some of the foods that might be giving you problems are:
      • Wheat
      • Dairy
      • Rice
      • Soy
      • Nightshades
      • Rice
    • Digestive system testing, stool analysis, is important to understand your digestive system’s health. The cause of your fatigue, digestive symptoms or pain could come from:
      • Yeast
      • Parasites
      • Abdominal bacteria
    • Other tests will include testing on:
      • Your adrenal gland
      • Your thyroid gland
      • Complete panels on your lipids, metabolics and blood chemistry.

Again, I can’t stress enough that complete testing is necessary in order to find out why you suffer from your symptoms.

Solutions that are Natural and Drug-Free

At The Kirkland Health Institute, we look for the real causes of fibromyalgia, as we use neurological and metabolic protocols to best understand your body and why it is reacting the way it does, and we do it drug-free!

You can stop being discouraged as doctor after doctor fails to give you the information that will help you deal with the real cause or causes of your of the pain and fatigue you experience on a daily basis.

You can stop living in the dark about the reasons you suffer from fibromyalgia.

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