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Chiropractic Care

August 1, 2012

Olympians Choose Chiropractic Care to Improve Performance

Most people seek chiropractic care or treatment when they are experiencing pain or after they have been injured.

Typically chiropractors treat spinal subluxation, which basically means that there is a partial dislocation in the spine. Their treatments consist of manipulations or adjustments to the spine, with the goal in mind of not only relieving pain, but also of improving the way your body functions.

Many patients have chronic problems that require they seek chiropractic treatment on a regular basis, but there are increasing numbers of people choosing care as part of their regular physical well being and maintenance.

Olympic athletes choose chiropractic

More and more sports teams and organizations are keeping chiropractors on their staff, not just for injuries, but also to keep their athlete’s bodies working at their peak ability.

Athletes, who may or may not be injured, are finding that regular adjustments are making an impact on how well they perform in the sport.

There is a great article in “” about Jamaican athletes who are competing in the Olympic track competition. They have realized that having regular adjustments helps to fine-tune their skills and performance. For them, staying totally fit is also about chiropractic performance care…keeping their spine in alignment.

Enhance your own performance

Emmit Smith of the Dallas Cowboys says: ” I try to use chiropractic at least twice a week. I would say that it definitely helps me perform at a higher level.”

These benefits are not just for professional or star athletes, they will work for you too. Maybe you like to golf, swim or ride bicycles, keeping your body fine-tuned will help you function better and at a higher level in all aspects of your life.

You should have your spine checked and adjusted on a regular basis.

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