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September 21, 2012

Is Spinal Subluxation Harmful?

The dangers associated with spinal subluxations have been known for many years by Chiropractic healthcare professionals, and today’s technology has given us much more information about how harmful they are.

Subluxations (Vertebral Subluxation) affect your nervous system, which compromises your ability to be truly healthy.

This condition occurs when one or more of your spine’s vertebrae, for one reason or another, moves out of their correct position. The new position may create pressure on your spinal nerves causing irritation and leading  to a malfunction of the nerves and the signals they are supposed to be sending.

What is the affect on you?

Keep in mind that all of your body’s functions are controlled by your nervous system, and when it’s not functioning correctly, neither are you. When your nerves are irritated and not working as they should, the incorrect messages they send to your body prevent it from functioning at 100%.

Subluxations are a combination of changes in your body

There are basically 5 conditions or “components” that occur simultaneously throughout your body

  • We have mentioned that the vertebrae can be out of position and not moving correctly, but they can also be going through degeneration, which is frequently called kinesiopathology.
  • We have also mentioned the malfunctioning of your nerves. This is called neuropathology, and it doesn’t take a great amount of pressure to impact how they function.
  • Muscles have a 2 part role in subluxations, they not only are responsible for holding the vertebrae in their proper place, but they are also affected by the condition, this  component is called myopathology.
  • Histopathology, or changes to your soft tissues occur; tendons, ligaments, other soft tissues and blood supply.
  • Biochemical abnormalities, or chemical changes, can occur and can be slight or great depending on which parts of your body are affected.

So you can see that spinal subluxations can be very complicated when you take into consideration how much of your body they can involve and change.

As a Chiropractor, I have been fully trained to detect, locate and correct Spinal Subluxation – no other health professionals have been trained in these procedures. My goal is to get you feeling healthy and functioning at 100%.

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