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Chronic Pain

May 21, 2014

Do You Have Chronic Pain?

Pain is one of the most common complaints that people suffer with.  When injuries occur it is common for people to experience pain. Luckily in many instances the pain is temporary, the swelling subsides and the body repairs the damage.  However sometimes the pain does not go away and even more unexplainably sometimes there is no incident than you can trace back to when the discomfort began.

Chronic pain can be separated into three categories.

  1. Pain that is mechanical in nature,
  2. Pain that is chemically induced
  3. Pain that is  caused by or perpetuated by brain dysfunction.

Mechanical pain

This is pain that is associated with the musculo-skeletal system. There are syndromes in which nerves are entrapped by either boney and/or soft tissues problems. This can readily occur in all the spinal joints, extremity joints and cranial bones. Carpal Tunnel syndrome, back pain, tennis elbow are common examples of this type of pain producing syndrome. Sometimes there is a specific event that starts the problem, but often there is no one specific event, the problem started gradually based on a repetitive stress to the area, like working out or sitting at a computer all day and then “all of a sudden” you started to feel it, at the point when the body could no longer compensate any longer.

Chemically induced pain

This type of pain is caused by inflammation that is systemic in nature that irritates the nerves and causes pain.  Some syndromes that promote pain systemically are: food sensitivities, high blood sugar, chronic infection, deficiencies of  essential nutrients/hormones such as   B vitamins, essential fatty acids, vitamin D deficiency and low thyroid function to name a few.

Brain Based Pain

This is the type of pain that is causes by weakness in certain area of the brain that stimulate pain responses or areas of the brain that have lost the ability to interpret the input being  received from lower body parts appropriately. This creates exaggerated sensations, often resulting in “funny sensations” numbness tingling and pain. This is a common factor in all pain syndromes especially so with Fibromyalgia, Neuropathies and Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy also know as Compartment Pain Syndrome.

When painful conditions are resistant to conventional treatment it is important to do an investigation  of all three pain promoting mechanisms. As a specialist in addressing chronic conditions my patients often are experiencing all three components.   A good history and other symptoms the patient has will give good clues as to what components to investigate. Are the symptoms made worse by stress, hunger, menstruation, think metabolic.

The more comprehensive an investigation is done the better chance you have of recovery.

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