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Deadly Truth About Opioid Epidemic

October 20, 2017

What is the Deadly Truth About the Opioid Epidemic?

How Chiropractic is a Big Part of the Answer to the Problem

There was an interesting news headline the other day…”Opioids could kill nearly as many Americans in a decade as HIV/AIDS has killed since the epidemic began in the early 1980s.” In fact, death from opioid use has tripled over the last 15-18 years…it is no respecter of persons…not age, sex, or ethnicity.

Most everyone recognizes the names of these drugs, the top five are prescription drugs, and #6 is a street drug:

  1. oxycodone
  2. morphine
  3. fentanyl
  4. codeine
  5. hydrocodone
  6. heroin

“Legal” opioids are prescribed for pain relief, and this is how they work:

Designed to treat medium to severe pain, opioids are narcotics; drugs that dull your senses in order to relieve pain, and they are addictive. They work by binding to receptors in nerve cell membranes located in your spinal cord, brain and various other areas in your body. They help your body manage pain by limiting the sending of pain messages being sent to the brain.

Although getting relief from pain is a good thing, the problem with opioids is that they are deadly…

  • Their side effects are extremely dangerous. Even when used as prescribed, they can cause respiratory depression and death.
  • Many people, although they have been warned, take opioids at the same time as other medications which can cause overdose and death.
  • Taking prescribed opioid prescriptions begins without problems, but the longer you continue to take them, the more your body depends on them, and eventually can begin to need greater amounts….addiction.
  • These drugs can also reduce stress and anxiety, which leaves the user in a euphoric state…it feels good and they want to continue feeling that way, so they find ways to continue to take the drug…addiction.

It’s frightening to realize that opioid prescriptions are skyrocketing, and have more than doubled since 1992. It’s also frightening to know that about one out of every four people taking opioid medications for long term care, (excluding those who are cancer patients), have addiction issues.

So how do we stop this epidemic, and still manage our pain?

We must learn to manage our pain in other ways, and Chiropractic care is a great non-drug approach to dealing with pain, and an obvious way to help eliminate the need for opioid drugs.

  • Chiropractors provide first-line care and assessment for the back, musculoskeletal system and the neck, which are prime areas for pain and often have opioid drugs prescribed for relief.
  • Chiropractors work very hard to give you outcomes that will avoid the need for drugs, giving you quality care and reduced costs.
  • Chiropractors are focused on whole-body, pain-free, drug-free wellness.
  • The CDC has recommended Chiropractic Care as a safer alternative to opioids for management of chronic pain.

Many studies have been made that speak to the effectiveness of using Chiropractic treatment to manage pain effectively:

Enjoy this brief video testimonial on how Chiropractic helped with chronic pain:

If you struggle with chronic pain, begin managing it by contacting your Chiropractor. If you are in the Seattle area…

Contact me for a Consultation I would love to give you a drug-free alternative to being pain free.

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