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Food Groups Linked to Cancer

April 21, 2018

A New Study Links Processed Food Group to Cancer

If you were given information that would help you predict whether or not you would get cancer, would that encourage you to make changes in your lifestyle to avoid it if possible?

Well, there is new information, information that links processed foods to cancer. The study, by researchers in France, did not find that processed foods cause cancer, but that they are closely linked to cancer.

For years, more than 100,000 French adults were studied, and these are the results they found:

  • The likelihood of people who consumed a large amount of processed foods was higher for developing cancers of all types.
  • The study included adults of every kind, active or sedentary, women or men, older or younger adults, non-smokers and smokers.
  • The processed foods and beverages they consumed were highly processed and contained large amounts of sugar.
  • Processed foods were more closely linked to cancer than such things as:
    • age
    • sex
    • height
    • body mass
    • amount of physical activity
    • family history
    • calories consumed daily
    • drinking habits
    • smoking habits

The consumption of “junk foods”…

It’s interesting to note that in rich, “first world” countries such as the United States, Canada, England or France, that eating foods considered as junk food (listed below) consisted of between 25% and 50% of people’s daily energy intake.

  • frozen dinners
  • packaged muffins or pastries
  • sugary cereals
  • chips
  • soda
  • instant ramen noodles
  • candy

A common denominator between all of these and others is they are not only highly processed, but also ready to go and ready to eat from the store and they are inexpensive (cheap). These junk foods are not intended to keep you full, or give you the type of nutritious energy that will sustain your activity throughout the day without you “crashing” and needing more. Instead of containing the fibers and nutrients of a homemade meal that the body needs, these packaged foods are higher in salt, sugar and fat…with sugar being the biggest problem food. Found in soft drinks and sugary snacks such as candy bars, it accounts for 25% of the junk food that people in the study consumed. Additionally, Belgium researchers have discovered that sugars helps stimulate the growth of tumors. 

What researchers found…

The study of 100,000 people was comprised of about 22% men ad 78% women who filled out online surveys that listed their daily food intake approximately 6 days each year. This helped researchers put together a sampling of what each person typically ate during a 24 hour time period, weekends and weekdays.

What researchers noticed was:

  1. People who ate more highly processed foods had a tendency to get cancer more than those who’s intake of more fresh foods was higher.
  2. People who ate more moderately processed foods, such as cheeses and canned foods, didn’t report the same high cancer development as group #1.
  3. People who ate healthy…fresh vegetables, rice, fish, were diagnosed with cancer the least.

So, eating that candy bar, those chips, or those frozen meatballs, doesn’t mean you’re going to get cancer, but it could increase your chances. You now have information that could make a difference in whether or not you’re going to get cancer, what are you going to do with it?

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