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Chronic Health Condition and Stress

June 20, 2018

Is Stress Adding to My Chronic Health Condition?

If I can remove the stress, will my chronic illness improve?

The American medical association estimates that 80% of all health conditions have a stress component to them.

“Stress doesn’t only make us feel awful emotionally, it can also exacerbate just about any health condition you can think of.” – Jay Winner, MD, author of Take the Stress Out of Your Life

I have been a holistic health care practitioner for over 25 years, and I have seen all kinds of health problems greatly improve and even make seemingly miraculous changes that would occur with spinal, neurological and nutritional based treatment protocols for chronic conditions.

However, sometimes I have had patients who I felt, based on my treatment plan and my experience in similar cases, should be improving more than they were. From time to time in my earlier practice this was often a source of frustration to me.

Many years ago I took courses in a healing modality call “Neuro-Emotional Technique” or N.E.T. This approach suggested, and had a method to test the patient, to see if an emotional block might be interfering with the patient’s ability to improve. In a subset of difficult patients, I have found the emotional component to be a significant hindrance to resolution of symptoms.

What is N.E.T.?

N.E T. is a very powerful mind-body technique that helps patients reset their emotional balance.

Over the years I have seen many amazing improvements using N.E.T. with such symptoms as:

  • Low energy level
  • Depleted adrenal gland function
  • Pain
  • Depression and anxiety
  • Headaches
  • Weightloss
  • and many others

Don’t get stressed about being stressed…N.E.T. is effective

In addition to physical changes we have seen, we also have patients report that they feel much more peaceful, positive about life, and able to adapt to stress much better. The N.E.T treatment is not a “talk” it out therapy” but rather a neurological reset that helps your nervous system reboot from mental stress. In my office, N.E. T is one of many important tools we use to help patients overcome chronic health conditions.

Recently there have been several scientific studies validating the effectiveness of N.E.T. This video explains the amazing changes occurring with brain function, monitored via MRI before and after N.E.T. intervention.

Enjoy this video and learn more:

If you’re frustrated with your health, the emotional component could be a valuable piece of the puzzle to explore.

Ask your doctor about the benefits of N.E.T. If your doctor is not trained in this area, Contact our office, or give us a call at at 425-821-1101. Mention this article for a free phone consultation, you’ll be glad you did!

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