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Healthy Lifestyle

August 10, 2018

Healthy Lifestyle – Consistent or Roller Coaster?

I’ll start eating healthy again tomorrow…I’ll start going to the gym again next week…I need to start flossing my teeth again soon!

Is this you? You start a pattern for a healthy lifestyle, but then somehow you get off track, the good habit is broken, and you’re back to square one…you need to begin again!

It can be a vicious cycle.

Why you need to permanently get off the roller coaster…

So, the big question is, why do you even start these routines? Obviously it’s because you want to live a healthy and long life. We’ve all heard of the person who has lived to 103 years old and has smoked and had a burger and fries every day…If they can, then you should be able to also, right? Wrong, they are the exception, and not the rule. Each time you stop your healthy routines, you have setbacks and it’s harder to get started again. Stopping and starting will not give you the healthy long lasting results you want.

Consider the dangers of falling off the healthy eating wagon also known as yo-yo dietingThe American Heart Association has stated that yo-yo dieting may increase women’s risk of sudden cardiac death or heart disease death.

When you choose a healthy lifestyle, you are choosing life!

If you prevent it, you don’t have to treat it!” – Dr. Ernie Landi DC (world renowned chiropractor)

The key to healthy living is to get off the roller coaster, stop going for the quick fixes, such as losing weight for your vacation and not for life…Learn to love the things that will help you have good health.

  • Make your healthy diet a choice.
    • Plan your food, by stocking your pantry and refrigerator with healthy food and healthy snacks.
    • Slow down and enjoy your food, not only will you eat less, but you will feel more satisfied at the end of your meal.
    • Eat a variety of fruits and vegetables everyday to be sure you are getting all the nutrients you need.
    • Make the big switch to organic foods.
  • Move your body by increasing your physical activity.
    • Set weekly and daily goals for activity…this is where an activity tracker or pedometer such as a Fitbit comes in handy, you can set your goals and monitor them everyday, this is also a great way to keep track of how well you’re doing.
    • Whatever you do for physical activity, make sure it’s something you enjoy so you will stick to it rather than dread it.
    • Make sure you are active throughout your day, park further away from your destination, use the stairs instead of the escalator or take little walking breaks in between work or everyday tasks.
  • Decrease your stress.
    • Plan time for yoga, meditation or exercise.
    • Find a way to burn off frustration after a stressful situation by deliberate, deep breathing or take a short walk.
    • Find ways to serve other people and take the focus off yourself.
  • Get a better night’s sleep.
    • Find ways to relax before going to bed…
      • hot baths
      • warm drinks
      • no caffeine
      • avoid heavy work or exercise before bedtime
      • read rather than watch TV
      • try to keep your sleep schedule consistent
  • Maintain a healthy mind, body, nervous system and spine.
    • People are starting to realize that to keep your body functioning at its best, these parts of the body need to be focused on and maintained as well as the things we have previously mentioned.
    • Regular chiropractic adjustments can help keep all these systems performing correctly. As we move through life, wear and tear on our bodies happens naturally on a daily basis, often misaligning our spine. And when our spine is out of alignment, so many things are affected and caused, (such as chronic pain and inflammations), that it’s difficult to maintain that healthy lifestyle we are trying to achieve.

If you’re frustrated with your health, want to achieve a Healthier Lifestyle, and would like some help reaching your goal…Contact our office, or give us a call at at 425-821- 1101.

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