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Chronic Thyroid Problems

August 30, 2018

Get Healing Help For Your Chronic Thyroid Conditions

Top 11 reasons why you still struggle with your thyroid

Are there things your doctor may have missed?

  • Research shows that 90% of chronic thyroid problems are caused by an auto-immune attack in the body. What this means is that your immune system has gone haywire and it is mistakenly trying to destroy your thyroid gland. It’s called Hashimoto’s. There is a simple thyroid anti-body test that confirms the problem.headache Your doctor has either never run the test or if it has been shown to be positive has no effective treatment protocol to address it.
    1. Auto Immunity is a growing problem in our country, 1 out of 12 women now suffer with it. Regardless of your symptoms it is always the condition that needs to take top priority. Many bizarre symptoms and chronic conditions that have not been responsive to any types of care are auto-immune.  The medical approach to auto-immunity is to suppress your immune system with steroids and other drugs, often with terrible side effects. There is a better way! Address the cause: find and address the triggers that causes your immune system to become unbalanced. 
    2. All patients in my office get screened for auto-immunity by checking for the triggers.   
      1. Markers for chronic infections found in complete white blood cell tests. 
      2. Tests for poor gut function (80% of immune function is here, and this is where A.I. starts).
      3. Food sensitivity, if your gut is bad, you will have them, and every time you eat your getting worse.
      4. Vitamin D levels, very important and if you live in the Northwest you are at risk
      5. Blood sugar problems are the number one metabolic stress that  many American’s face.
      6. Adrenal gland function test. The adrenal gland is your anti-inflammatory organ.
  • Your symptoms are not real, it’s in your head. 
    1. How many doctors have you seen that have told you your symptoms are psycho-somatic? This directly translates into: “I don’t know how to help you. Get out of my office.” All of your lab tests are normal, all of the imaging you have had is normal.
    2. Your condition is ACTUALLY in your whole body because your thyroid gland works in conjunction with all your other glands. So if you have a blood sugar problem it can affect the way your thyroid works. If you have an adrenal gland problem it can affect the way your thyroid works and so on. The typical M.D. does not look at the whole picture. Your thyroid problem is a result of a systemic metabolic problem. There are no drugs that you can take that will undue this whole body problem. 
  • Wrong tests ordered.
    1. I see this in my office all the time. Many suffering with thyroid problems will come into my office with a huge amount of blood work that they has been done and is basically a waste of their money. The tests usually consist of a Chemistry panel, a Complete Blood Count, and TSH.  Why? Because your doctor is playing the insurance game and these are what your insurance will easily pay for. This is not enough information to get you better. Why haven’t test been run on thyroid anti-bodies,  complete thyroid panels, food sensitivity panels and Adrenal Stress Index? All of these components are making your condition worse. We need all of these to make find the cause.
  • Wrong interpretation of results.
    1. Medical doctors use lab reference ranges as a guide to determine whether or not you have a particular disease. We call this the “sick range”. It’s way too broad and misses a lot of problems.The sick range is calculated by taking all blood work from all people who went to the lab last, even those who had cancer on oxygen etc., and averaging all the data together and making a bell curve. Does it make sense to take data from diseased people to set a standard for optimal  health? To correct this mistake we must use the “functional range” which is the range for optimum function.
    2. The easiest to use as an example is TSH (Thyroid Stimulating Hormone). TSH is used to determine whether or not you have a thyroid condition. Traditional medicine uses the lab ranges of 0.5 to 5.5. In other words, if your TSH level is below 0.5, you have hyperthyroidism. If it is above 5.6, you have hypothyroidism. However, in order to have maximum thyroid function, your levels must be between 1.8 – 3.0. You can see this is a much narrower range.  You can be completely hypothyroid with a lab value of 3.5, yet your doctor says it is a normal test.
    3. By using the functional ranges, not “sick” lab ranges we won’t miss the problem
  • Failure to have your thyroid antibodies tested.
    1. A simple blood test can rule in if you have an auto-immune condition. When your immune system is attacking your thyroid it may show high anti-body levels (TPO and TBG) although it will not always be positive because the immune attack comes in waves, waxes and wanes. Medical doctors rarely do this test because if it comes back positive because they have nothing to offer you, so why do the test? In M.D. thyroid care from a general practitioner or endocrinologist you get: medication, no medication or they want to have your thyroid removed!
  • Too much emphasis on medication!
    1. There are 7 different metabolic patterns that will cause thyroid metabolism problems, only one of which can be addressed successfully with medication alone. The chance that medication alone is the answer is 17%! If you are reading this post it is because you are not in that small group.
  • No diet changes.
    1. Most  M.D. doctors don’t know much about nutrition. If you go to your doctor and ask him or her about gluten sensitivity which has a high correlation with Hashimoto’s, they will run a celiac test on you  and say you don’t have celiac, so eat whatever you want.This is very misleading because there is a whole continuum for gluten sensitivity, celiac disease being at the far end of the spectrum involving genetic defects, however most gluten sensitivity is acquired not genetic The latest research shows the #1 food sensitivity that contributes to auto-immunity is Gluten.
    2. Fact is, your condition is being caused in part by what you put in your mouth. The Standard American Diet (S.A.D.) is causing so much stress on your body that it is contributing your illness. 
  • Taking too many supplements.
    1.  Yes this can be true. Taking too many herbal supplements can make your condition worse. Certain herbal supplements can stimulate your immune system in a negative way. If  your thyroid is caused by an auto-immune condition (your own body’s immune system), which is supposed to keep you from getting sick,  is  attacking your own tissue, then taking the wrong herbal  supplements can actually trigger an auto immune reaction and make your condition worse. If you feel worse taking herbal supplements this is a red flag for auto-immunity.  
  • Failure to have your brain and nervous system evaluated.
    1. Your brain and your nerves control and stimulate all of the glands in the body including two that cause your thyroid to make hormones (pituitary and the hypothalamus) If there is a partial disconnect in this system your body is going to struggle to recover. Research shows that 52% of auto-immune patients have more than one body tissue being attacked with Hashimoto’s. It’s often the brain, creating poor balance, brain fog, decreased ability focus, remember, anxiety and depression. You will need A.I. therapy and brain based therapy
  • It can be managed better!
    1. A comprehensive metabolic and neurological evaluation will find the causes of your condition.  By addressing auto-immunity, brain function, gut function and all 7 thyroid patterns and then by targeting these causes with all natural therapies; your health will return!
  • Accepting what other doctors have told you.
    1. I really don’t care what other health care professionals have told you. Your thyroid problem can improve. Don’t accept, “try this drug”, let’s “just remove your thyroid”, or I can’t find anything wrong so here is a “referral to a psychiatrist”.

I hope you have found this post to be an eye opener.

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