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Food Sensitivity Friendly Thanksgiving Dinner

November 23, 2018

How Can Your Thanksgiving Dinner Be Food Sensitivity Friendly?

For many Americans, Thanksgiving is their favorite holiday of the year…good food, good friends, good times. But for a growing number of Americans, due to increasing food sensitivities and special dietary needs, the “good food” part of Thanksgiving is becoming more and more of a challenge. So many of the traditional foods prepared for “the feast” are no longer tolerable for people who need gluten free, dairy free, grain free, soy free, caffeine free or articificial additive free diets.

If you don’t experience a food sensitivity, you may not understand what those who do go through when they eat foods they are intolerant of, they experience various symptoms such as:

A Thanksgiving Feast for the food sensitive…

Webster defines feast as:

An elaborate and usually abundant meal

Even with food sensitivities, yours or your guests, your Thanksgiving meal can still be a feast…all it needs is great, tasty, nutritious food, and there are lots of foods, properly prepared, that fill that description without flaring up your food intolerences – you don’t have to avoid Thanksgiving.

Dr. Isabella Wentz, who lives with Hashimoto’s, along with her husband has created what she calls the Thyroid Thanksgiving Menu, in which all the recipes are dairy, soy, gluten and grain free, tasty and nutrionally dense. Take a look at her menu and see that you too can have a feast, one that the only discomfort you have might end up having is enjoying one too many servings…


Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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