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Dear IBS sufferer near Kirkland,

Do you experience any of these?

  • You feel anxious that a bowel movement attack could happen at the worst moment, without any prior warning. Even a relaxing walk in the park can suddenly turn into a nightmare.
  • You feel stomach pain and swelling after eating
  • Your lifestyle is severely restricted because there are so many foods you can’t eat - even foods that don’t contain gluten or dairy
  • You’ve gained weight and no matter how carefully you eat, you can’t lose it
  • You feel exhausted after eating
  • Your doctors told you that you have IBS, but they never told you WHY you have it or how to solve it - “just eat better and exercise more…”

Well if you experience any of these problems, let me say this:

You’re Not Alone! 

And let me reassure you, because I’ve helped more people than I can remember to overcome their IBS troubles within a few short months.

Take Liz for example - a bus driver in Kirkland who was suffering from IBS.

Liz had to plan each day’s bus route to know where every restroom was along her journey

She was living in fear that a sudden attack could happen at any moment, preventing her from taking passengers to work in the mornings. 

Liz had been told by several doctors that there wasn’t much they could do to help her overcome her IBS. 

When she came into our office, it became clear that none of these doctors had checked to see exactly WHY Liz was suffering from IBS. And None of them had given her an effective treatment plan to improve her condition.

Until you know the real cause of your IBS, you’ll never get an effective treatment plan to overcome it 

Once we got the test results back, we immediately found the root cause of Liz’s problem. 

This enabled us to prescribe a 100% natural treatment plan to help Liz’s body heal from the damage that IBS had caused her.

Within a few short weeks, Liz was tolerating many foods much better and enjoying a less restrictive lifestyle.

The next time I saw her, she reported that she was getting much less gas, bloating and abdominal pain than before. 

She began feeling more energized and became more active, taking long walks in the evenings and weekends. Within a couple of months, she had lost 11 lb.

But none of this would have been possible without a doctor who knows exactly how to find the root cause of her IBS and prescribe a 100% natural treatment plan to overcome her digestive issues. 

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WA 98034

How A Kirkland Woman Finally Overcame Her Struggle With IBS

Imagine being able to enjoy life without sudden bowel movement attacks, stomach pains, food restrictions and feeling exhausted after eating… That's exactly what a Kirkland bus driver named Liz wanted to achieve. 

Read her story below:

How would you like to know the real causes of your digestive problems?

 Imagine being able to enjoy life without sudden bowel movement attacks, stomach pains, food restrictions and feeling exhausted after eating… As part of a special public education campaign, I’m offering 50 people our 100% natural approach for treating the real causes of your IBS at cost. You will get:

Thorough consultation

Review of any testing that’s already been done

Review of your health history

Physical exam of your nervous system (the brain-gut connection)

Recommendations for specific testing to uncover the root cause

(Normal Price: $300)

Yours for just $49

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What Results Can You Expect?

Watch the short videos below to hear the stories of other women with digestive issues near Kirkland, and find out what results they got from coming to see Dr. Michael Taggart

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About Dr. Michael Taggart

Dr. Taggart has been practicing in Kirkland for the last 18 years. He decided he would dedicate himself to the field of chiropractic after the amazing changes he noticed with his own health as a result of care as a young man.

Dr. Taggart believes very strongly in the natural ability of the body to heal itself. He seeks to discover and address the underlying problems that keep the body from healing itself.

He utilizes adjustments, specific rehabilitative exercises, neurological brain based therapies, nutritional counselling and mind-body techniques to restore health and function. His goals for his practice members are to help them and their families to enjoy a more active, healthy lifestyle.

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